Whitestone Investment Network (WIN) strives to identify small and mid-cap companies in which it can accumulate a meaningful equity interest and help those businesses improve their market value.


With more than 125 years of combined experience in entrepreneurism, corporate management and finance, WIN’s management team has a hands-on approach and can offer client companies a wide range of consulting services to support their growing success.


Whitestone Investment Network Corp. (“Whitestone” or “WIN”), was formed in November 2014 for the purpose of identifying and capitalizing on undervalued assets. These assets will typically be in the form of privately held small to mid-size companies.


The primary objective is to invest in or acquire targeted companies and then employ the resources of WIN’s seasoned management team to build asset value and strengthen WIN’s ownership position. With WIN as a major shareholder, client companies can take advantage of our broad range of business and financial advisory services which include: strategic planning, corporate restructuring, branding and marketing, and introductions to new sources of capital.

Our long term vision is to grow WIN into a successful holding company which limits the risk to WIN’s shareholders while giving them the opportunity to participate in the ownership of a number of high growth companies across different industries.

Roy Rose

Roy Rose, CEO & Founder, has 30 years experience in the private equity market as a financial and strategic professional with diverse experience in leverage buyouts, real estate, analysis and private investing. He has developed corporate strategy and restructuring plans for actionable business and financial transitions to propel company growth, expansion and diversification.

Russell Cameron, VP Marketing

Russell Cameron, Vice President, has an in-depth background in Investment Banking, Mergers/Acquisitions, Strategic Business Development, Business Operations, Long & Short Format TV Production & National Distribution, Digital Media, Print & more…

Dan Barnett, Vice President

Dan Barnett, Vice President, has fostered a deep understanding over the past 35 years of investment management, corporate finance, global markets, current events and historical perspective and how they affect current and future business conditions. Utilizing well-honed skills in portfolio management, securities analysis, finance, investment banking, team leadership, negotiation and management, Mr. Barnett possesses valuable insight into company analysis and intrinsic value measurement.

Michael Balter, Executive VP

Michael Balter, Executive VP, is an executive and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in both the technology industry and the alternative energy industry. He is experienced in market creation; vertical marketing; strategic sales; sales management; product introduction; investor relations and raising venture capital.Michael has an undergraduate degree in aeronautical engineering from San Jose State University and an MBA from Santa Clara University and served 4 years in USAF.

Manny Lopez

Emanuel Lopez has managed several small-cap companies across several industries including professional sports, real estate development, SAAS, and financial services. He has served in various executive roles from VP of Business Development resident to President. He excels at building efficient teams, and leverage brands to maximize their potential.

Allan Fulsher, Secretary

Allan Fulsher, Secretary, is an attorney who has engaged in the private practice of law in the Portland area since 1979. In his law practice, he specializes in the organization of business entities, capital formation of businesses, including both domestic and international business transactional matters. His practice also emphasizes contract negotiating and drafting, and advising the Boards of Directors of public and private companies.


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