Current Transactions


VRstudios ( is a leading global VR technology company delivering the first truly wireless, full-range-of-motion, multi-participant, immersive experiences for commercial entertainment, CAD visualization and critical simulation training.

VRstudios is the first VR company to offer an all-in-one solution bundle, including its own experience management software, wireless headsets and interactive devices, entertainment content and developer tools. The company launched in 2014 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

Altergy ( has broken through traditional technology and cost barriers to deliver the most cost-effective and reliable backup power solutions available. Altergy’s zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells deliver the quality on-demand power and ride-through capabilities required for telecommunications, broadband, data centers, traffic signaling, homeland security, and other essential 24/7 operations.

Altergy is the first and only company to cost-effectively mass-produce industrial-strength fuel cells that produce no emissions. While the U.S. EPA increases the regulations on diesel engine emissions in an effort to address climate change, Altergy has revolutionized fuel cell design to offer back-up power solutions that virtually eliminate pollution.

ImpactFlow ( was born from the need to break down barriers between the business and nonprofit worlds to form effective partnerships that strengthen communities. We work with nonprofits, businesses, and individuals at the forefront of technology to drive innovative ways for organizations to connect and form mutually beneficial partnerships. Over time, we have evolved into a world-class event management platform and partnership engine — and are truly revolutionizing how organizations host and organize events.

ImpactFlow is a Certified B Corporation.  In October, 2016, our company received certification as a B Corporation. We completed a rigorous assessment that measured business practices and the current positive impact in each of the following areas: Customers, Community, Workers, Governance and Environment.This prestigious designation is awarded to companies using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Historically, small to mid-size companies have had difficulty accessing traditional capital markets. For Whitestone, this presents an opportunity to operate in a less competitive acquisition market. The goal is to acquire, recapitalize, or make private investments in small to mid-size companies located on the west coast of the U.S. which (1) demonstrate attractive revenue and earnings growth relative to their peers, (2) maintain a strong industry position with barriers to competition, and (3) have talented management teams already in place.  Companies entering a succession planning period who meet the above criteria are excellent candidates.  Generally, Whitestone targets companies with TTM revenues of $10+ million, EBITDA of $1+ million, with at least a five-year history.

Certain companies just coming to market with their products or services may warrant WIN’s interest because they exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Progressive Growth. The business model is being transformed or created anew by technological, economic, and social forces influencing its industry.

  • Industry Dominance.  By introducing a disruptive technology, the company can dominate its niche or industry.

  • Attractive Capitalization. A valuation ranging from $7.5 million to $150 million (prior to WIN’s investment) which offers a compelling risk/reward opportunity.

  • Large Opportunity.  The company, if successful, has the opportunity of achieving a valuation of $1 billion or more.

  • Unique Selling Proposition. Competitive advantages may be achieved through innovative approaches such as strong branding and guerrilla marketing.

  • Experienced Management.  An experienced management team, or leading entrepreneur, is in place.


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